Name & Shame

Poor Old Madonna – she stumbled on live telly, poor thing. She’ll never live it down. It’s a world of Schadenfreude these days.

But she’s not alone… everyone is at risk. Even YOU. The internet tells me this.

But you know what – I’ve had enough.

I’m not perfect, a fact that will probably one day be filmed and uploaded to my eternal embarrassment or shame.I don’t know who is worse – those who park “selfishly” or those who write an angry, sweary, note, put it on the windscreen, take a photograph of it, and then upload it. Or else get all confrontational while putting it all on video to share with the entire world.

They are reducing the number of parking spaces but there are more cars. Spaces are smaller as cars are bigger. It is a government conspiracy.

I’m sick of name and shame videos and pictures about bad parking, littering, dog fouling, or whatever. It’s all a plot to distract us from real issues.

How can anyone be considerate when they are under such a general threat. We’re turning against ourselves, it’s dog eat dog and everyone for themselves!

It’s just not right that we should be afraid all the time in case we make a mistake and it becomes an internet meme, goes viral or gets you a fine or jailtime. Let’s get back to being afraid of criminals and terrorists instead of “normal people”. let’s return to despising governments, the taxman, traffic wardens and “the authorities”, we need to stick together, not grass and snitch and clype.


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