Dog Suicide Hotspot

It’s Mothering Sunday, or Mothers’ Day, so I have taken my wife and her mother out for lunch. The children were well behaved, and we managed to find a nice peaceful place in a city that was filled with visitors from Dundee for the football match with Celtic. There was also International Rugby on, so problems for Mums all round I would imagine.

One of my daughter’s fish was found dead in the tank in her bedroom. The other fish seemed healthy enough, so we have no idea what happened, but we were talking about the possibilities when Granny told us that her friend’s dog had just committed suicide.

Now, I had never heard of animals committing suicide as such, and certainly not dogs. But she was adamant. Apparently there is a Dog Suicide Hotspot – where it happened.

Overtoun House is about an hour and a half from the city centre, in West Dunbartonshire. It’s the usual stately home thing – twee, bucolic grounds, parks for picnics, a view of the Clyde, and a centuries old haunted house. There is a bridge which has a 16 metre drop, and it is infamous for dog suicides.  Statistically significant numbers of dogs have been let out of the car for a run about in the estate, and simply gone to the bridge and jumped off.

No one knows why. Scientists have thought up experiments and found nothing to explain why so many dogs kill themselves on this bridge.

Now there’s a thing. How fascinating!



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