Daftness Celebrated

I like April Fool’s Day; it’s quirky.

I also like Valentine’s Day, but not Saint Valentine’s Day. I like it for not being anything religious, but instead about relationships, romance, love, and passion. Now that’s a proper reason for celebration.

Tonight Stephen Fry on his TV show, QI, informed me that Mothering Sunday was originally about returning to your mother church, and nothing at all to do with celebrating mothers and motherhood. That would have saddened me, had it not been for the fact that everyone KNOWS it’s about mum. To heck with the origins!

April Fool’s Day (which seems only to operate from abut 9 am and noon) is another superb idea – the celebration of our capacity for foolishness, or that we can be gullible and taken in.

That we can graciously accept being made a fool of, that we can prank someone, that we can read something in the papers or believe some nonsense simply because it is on the telly, is excellent to my mind. This is a good reminder that everything is not always so serious and glum.

peacock chairThe April Fool Prank that I consider to be the best done to me, was when I had ordered a Peacock Chair from a shop in the city. There was a few weeks’ delivery to wait.

I forgot what the date was and a call was put through to my office, my secretary said the shop were ringing me up.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Hello, we have received your stuffed peacock this morning and just need to know which day suits you best for delivery.” Said the voice of a bored, common, shopgirl.

“A what?” I thought I was hearing things.

“Your stuffed peacock,” she said.

“My stuffed peacock?”

“That’s right, your stuffed peacock, sir. We can deliver it tomorrow between 9 and 11 in the morning, or perhaps Thursday afternoon if that suits you best…”

“No, no, no!” I panted, “I ordered a peacock chair, not a stuffed peacock.”

“That’s not what it says here, sir.”

“But it must be a mistake…”

“No mistake, sir, it’s here in front of me in black and white – you signed the form, sir, I have your signature and phone number as well as all your details, right here, sir…”

“But… what on earth would I want a stuffed peacock for?”

“Well, I’m sure I don’t know sir; it is rather large.”


“Yes, it stands about seven or eight feet with it’s tail fanned out like that.”

“What? Eight feet? Oh no!”

“Yes, sir, we’re having to arrange for a Luton van to do the delivery…”

“But I don’t want it! It’s too big! I never ordered it! This is a nightmare! I need to speak with your manager to sort this out!” I ranted.

Large peacock

“Hahahah you numpty! It’s me!” said a slightly different voice. My world spun in confusion.

“April Fool!”

It was my girlfriend’s best pal, calling from her office. I could hear the hilarity going on around her. I was 100% drained.

“So I don’t have a giant stuffed peacock?” I stuttered.

“No, you bought a chair, and I’ve no idea when it’ll be delivered!” She said between laughs.


Happy April foolishness to all!


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