Wide Boy

My father in law bought a new Prius car.

He liked it so much he decided to buy the new one this year.

However, the new one he doesn’t like so much. The main thing seems to be the width – it seems to be a lot wider than his old Prius, and he’s having trouble getting it into his garage (and him getting out of the car when it’s in the garage).

Being April first, we decided to prank him.

“Hello?” he answered the phone.

“Good Morning, this is Toyota UK calling regarding your recent purchase of our new width Prius, we’re conducting a short telephone customer satisfaction survey today and beg just 2 minutes of your time. Is just now convenient?”

“Two minutes?, OK go ahead.”

“Right, well as we said you have purchased our extra wide Prius model, can you tell us about your buying decision – can you tell us why you decided to go for our extra wide model”

“Extra wide? I didn’t even know you did an extra wide model”

“Well, you bought one, sir”

“Hm; that explains why I am having problems getting it into my garage.”

“Because it is extra wide?”

“Exactly – you know, this is all becoming very clear what’s happened. We’ve only gone and bought the wrong width.”

“You mean you wanted our standard width model?”

“Yes. We were mis-sold a pup! That salesman sold us the wide version! — I knew he was shifty and up to something!”

“Are you saying you didn’t want the very wide model?”

“Well who would? Really!”

“April Fool! There’s no such thing as a wide model! It’s me!”

“Ah, eh? you got me!”


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