Evolution of Travel

When I was small, long car trips did not involve safety belts. There was eye-spy, of course, but in the main, it was a “challenge”.

Trains and coaches were much the same – long and boring. Air travel offered shorter journeys, or further distances, but this has completely changed in recent times – interminable waits in unhealthy waiting areas, checking in, baggage. It’s far from quick and glamorous these days.

Travel is a chore. It is not fun unless you are doing it for its own sake, and are in no hurry (and have no children with you).

This is where the tech comes in.

Tech means that journeys are filled with games, music, films, texting, status updates, sat nav, bluetooth syncs, and posting selfies.

However, tech also means chargers, cables, battery-life, loss of signal, no wi-fi, foreign plug adaptors, fear of theft, and fear of breaking the screen.

I’ve known people who have bought a car upon arrival in Australia to drive about for their holidays, only to sell it before returning home.

I’ve known people to pack no clothes, but returned with a bag crammed full of the latest Italian couture.

As I pack for a trip today, I realise that I am taking no luggage (due to stupid budget airlines), just a cabin size bag full of tech, along with minimalist items such as underpants and toiletries, a spare pair of shoes, some t-shirts. Not much really.

The thinking is to strip it all down to the minimum, travel light – that way you do not get lost luggage, broken items, or backstrain. If one should need anything while away, then one could simply nip into a shop and buy whatever it is.

The choice is whether to pack it to bring home or to toss it in a bin at the airport upon departure.

This is the modern world.


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