The Giant Scones of Luss

Some years ago I was talking with the Rev. Gillies of Govan, and talk turned to places to go and things to do.

He casually mentioned “The Giant Scones of Luss”.

Of course, I was intrigued, so I asked,

“Are we talking about scones – real scones – as in ‘afternoon tea’ scones?”

“Yes, only these are legendary; they are not called ‘Giant Scones’ for nothing!”. he declared, “And Luss is not that far, it’s under an hour by car – on Loch Lomond.”

Well that was it, I had to go and see for myself, The Giant Scones of Luss.

We jumped in the car, and headed north to Luss on the shores of Loch Lomond on a dreary wet Saturday afternoon in winter.

We arrived in this cute village, parked up, and wandered about in the rain for clues. A local out walking her dog was approached.

“I know this might sound a bit ‘funny’, but do you know where we could find The Giant Scones of Luss?”

“Oh, Aye, The Coach House – over there,” she pointed.

In we walked to a warm and welcome – and bustling – coffee shop, complete with a glowing coal fire. Perfect. And the scones were indeed giant. It has a lovely atmosphere, but it was expensive – tourist prices.

We were informed that prices used to rise in season, and drop off season, but are now high all year round as the tourists come in a steady stream now. However, there was a “suggestion” that regulars and locals don’t pay these prices, and I wouldn’t be surprised at that at all.

Giant scone

Was it worth it? Definitely, it was cosy and snug in winter, and perfect for a wee trip from the city for loungers and lovers.  In summer, it’s a destination for a wee run for afternoon tea and a scoot round the loch.

And, of course, you get rights to talk about the legendary Giant Scones of Luss – and that’s worth something in itself.


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