Gryll and Bear it

The Island with Bear Grylls” is on the telly just now.

However, if you are a Bear Grylls fan, forget it; he’s not in the show.

The show is about dumping people on a deserted island to film themselves trying to figure out how best to survive. Which is all fine, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with Bear Grylls.

I have a problem with the title.

I feel it’s cheating.

It’s a damn lie.

I seem to the the only one who has noticed, and that worries me too; is this what we have become? Even websites about the telly program state “STARRING Bear Grylls”. Seriously.

Some things on UK TV just now are frankly puzzling – there is a surreal advert for a company called 118 118. I just do not understand it.

I do not know what it does, what is being sold. And that’s not good for starters.

The scene is a white room with two thin adult men shown from the waist up, side-by-side, facing the camera. They are presented like twins, same Zapata moustaches, hairstyles, and a white shirt with a black 118 on the front.

They are playing Happy Families, and seem to have red cabled earphones in on some kind of conference call. They refer to each other as “one one eight”.The person not in the room, but on the line, is from an old movie clip, and the problem is that he doesn’t have enough to wager 29 pence…

…and they are BOBBING UP AND DOWN!

It is beyond me. It really is.

Strange and meaningless.

118 118

I rarely watch telly these days, but when I do, I cannot explain it.

Perhaps I have the beginnings of dementia, it certainly feels like it with all the plus ones, and omnibus editions.

Some days I snap on the telly in my kitchen and what’s on is something I saw the last time I snapped on the telly in the kitchen, which was what was on the previous time I snapped on the telly in the kitchen…

The worst case, I think, was when I chanced upon the same episode of “Come Dine With Me” six times – that’s six consecutive switching on of the telly at random times over several random days. At times I feared from my survival – but like the Island, I couldn’t count on Bear Grylls showing up to help.


3 thoughts on “Gryll and Bear it

  1. This really made me laugh out loud on my journey home today! It’s more worrying that I didn’t even register how weird that 118 advert is until you highlighted it!

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