The Wait of The World


Good things come to those who wait.

Waiting for Godot.

If I could travel back in time and meet my younger self, I would certainly make sure I mentioned waiting. I would advise myself to train, to mentally prepare for all the waiting I would face in my life.

I have waited for exam results.

I have waited through my wife’s labours.

Although my call is important to the company, I have nevertheless been held in a queuing system listening to muzak for hours on end.

Delays on holiday, waiting to board planes, waiting for the toilet, and waiting in the car to leave an event. I wait. I have waited to fall asleep, and then waited to hear the alarm to get up and start the day waiting in traffic on the Kingston Bridge.

When I think of all the downtime I have had, all the delays, hindrances and pauses in all our lives, I wish I could turn my impatience and stress into something better.

It is true that some waiting can be mitigated by smartphones and the internet, but I suspect that this is why queuing and waiting about is getting worse.

We have friends abroad who seem to have a different approach to this – they never arrive on time, they seem to quite like waiting around as they do it often enough. I wish I could get into that mindset.

Perhaps one day I will learn how to be patient. Until then, I suppose I shall have to wait.


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