Why Men Don’t Read Instruction Manuals

We just got a brand new washing machine today – it’s brilliant, and we got a good deal too.

So. We should be happy.

And we are, but…

…but we made the mistake of reading the manual.

selfassembleI got a flash-back to when I was a slip of a lad – I’d just bought a second hand car. It was wonderful. I loved it, and bombed about quite the thing.  What a feeling! Ignorance is truly bliss!

But then I spotted a manual in the glove box, and as I leafed though, I read of fabulous features – and when I checked out my car – no sign. Then I noticed the manual was for the range of car models, and described all the things the top of the range models had. And I didn’t.

I was gutted. Look at all the things I could have had!

And so to this very day. The washing machine manual described features (such as pet hair removal), that our new machine didn’t have. I pouted and flounced and huffed and puffed. Even though we do not have hairy pets (just fish).

This. This is why (famously) men do not read instructions.

Just sayin’.


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