My New Thing

I have decided to have a thing. I have not had a thing for ages because of children and work and grown-up stuff, and y’know.

I thought about returning to painting in oils – I still have a couple of easels, loads of palettes, knives, brushes, oil tubes – even metre squared canvases from the old days. The thing is it’s smelly and messy.  Oils take ages to dry, so you have a room full of conveyor belt canvases all at different stages of underpainting and prep. Nah.

The darkroom still has a sink, enlarger and all the gear – although I probably would toss out the chemicals and get fresh… but my wife has taken up photography, and is into it in a big way – fancy-dan digital cameras etc. I’m a bit lost with all that. Nah to that too.

Writing could be a thing – I have a list of what-I-think-are-brilliant ideas, but I don’t feel up to the commitment; I have found it to be all-engrossing, and work (and real life) would interfere and deter and something would have to give. So Nah again.

Well now – music! Of course!

My children are studying piano, and my wife and I still enjoy a wee jam of an evening from time-to-time. I could set up a little digital studio and play around with ideas.

I could perhaps dig out my old reels, minidiscs or the Teac 144 portastudio. There are loads of my old bands’ stuff on 4-track cassettes. Maybe I could transfer them into a digital form, clean them up and push out a clean mp3 file?

Yes. I have decided that this is what I shall do. My new thing will be music and recording onto a computer.

I need to think about where to begin as I know absolutely nothing about this.


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