Music Making Begins

Well now, my hobby has taken off, and I am very pleased.

It has all been rather too easy to be frank. I decided on what I wanted to do, and within a few days I had sourced software, got tips and sourced the hardware too.

The hardware was bought on-line and arrived rather before I was ready for it.

There was trepidation regarding the software DAW, but after I read page one of the user guide, and downloaded then installed the drivers, I was making virtual music within minutes.

The hardware needed drivers, too – and, again – it all suddenly came to life.

I can plug in my wee red box to the USB, plug in a mic, guitar, bass or keyboard, make and arm a track, and I’m recording. Easy as pie.

It’s then rinse and repeat to play along with the previous track, building up a song.

The audio graphic for each thing recorded can be trimmed, pushed through virtual effects, panned left or right, and more – I can loop it, mirror it, copy it to another track for adding an effect. Oh! The things that can so easily be done.

I could have done all this for under a hundred quid, and used my old stage mic, but I went for the fancy mic and headphones, new clean leads and the very latest model too. I’m really happy, and everything just works well together.

Today I went for a DAC so that my finished work (as well as all my other computer-played music and videos) will sound stunning. Yeah, I blew another £60 I didn’t need to. But that is definitely THAT. Really. I had been meaning to get a DAC for ages and ages ever since I heard the difference at a pal’s.

I’m excited to be back in music, and I am looking forward to hearing good audio again. My plan is to dig out and set up my old turntable, CD, cassette player, and my Wharfedales – and also rig things so that sound will always be sweeeet.

If this is a wee hobby that you think might also interest you, the links you need are:

I bought the bundle:

The DAC that I just bought today (it’s not here yet):

The Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) or music making software:

If you want to be (or have to be) really cheap, you can pick up the 1st generation Scarlett 2i2 for £80, use your own headphones and stuff, and Reaper is fully functioning as a trial. You’ll be good to go.



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