Mic Adaptor

When I bought my Focusrite bundle, I got a microphone and mic holder. This is what the holder looked like:


The thing is, my old boom stand had a mic slide holder of this type:


So I unscrewed the mic slide from the boom arm:


Then I tried attaching the new holder:


But the ends were the same gender and size. No fit! Oh No!  I tweeted and Focusrite told me it fitted most stands. I googled it and there are adaptors I thought I would have to buy. However. I then noticed something too obvious – which is why I over looked it!

IMG_20160720_195012954  which now fits: IMG_20160720_195248501

The mic holder had a threaded insert! I could have kicked myself for not seeing it straight away. Suddenly it made sense.


A few turns later, and the mic was on the boom, and the threaded insert adaptor was in The Drawer Of Weird Bits And Bobs.

So – user error as usual.



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