This blog is just a bit of fun. Nothing is intended to offend.

This is not real life nor the real world, so you can be my not-real friend or surreal friend or follower here or elsewhere. Just search for davidavien or david avien.

I like sharing music, so I post what I like from Vimeo and Youtube to Thisismyjam.

Because the world is strange, I take crap photos with my smartphone and upload to Flikr.

But I also like arty stuff, so I pin things as I toddle along, so I have a single place to collect things to forget at pinterest.

I have a facebook where I follow things I like. I sometimes repost or share stuff there, it’s fun, and I have no concerns regarding privacy settings, so feel free to like or friend or befriend me there. or not.

David Avien may not be a realname but it is a screenname. On this blog there is no smoking, no drinking, no eating, no skateboarding, no cycling, no loitering, no ball games and no dogs except for guide dogs. All food must be clearly marked by the owner, please respect our neighbours, in the event of fire, do not use the lifts. Your home may be at risk if you do not keep up the payments on it, always ask the bill-payer, your mileage may vary, stocks and shares go down as well as up, serving suggestion, may contain nuts.


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