Nomination Damnation

I received a nomination this morning for something called The Creative Blogger Award – so thank you to the learning, earning and fitness mama 

So here are the rules for the award:

  1. Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you
  2. Share five facts about yourself to your readers
  3. Nominate 10 other blogs and post their links
  4. Notify all nominees via their social media/blog
  5. Pass on the rules to them

Five Facts:

  1. I am a man of working age who should know better
  2. I am married even though I am not gay.
  3. I live happily with my spouse despite the stats and trends
  4. We slavishly run about after two children like a housekeeper and a butler
  5. Life is barmy – that’s almost out family motto

Ten Blogs to Nominate:
I know this is a chain-letter type of thing, there is no obligation to or by anyone, but publicity is not really a bad thing; if you go to the trouble of writing a blog, it may as well get read by people… a bit. Links can’t hurt.

  1. – Chloe, a smart, thoughtful blog and interesting perspective.
  2. – Is a gritty, scary blog on divorce and baggage.
  3. – This is a retired person’s blog, loads of gorgeous pictures.
  4. – a super blog with scribbles and sketches and thoughts. Lovely!
  5. – this is great fun and thought provoking,like a favourite TV show
  6. – “Everyone has question, few have answers”, a wonderful looking and interesting site well worth your time
  7. – This is a good read blog and it takes me back to the struggles, woes and fun of academia
  8. – This is totally wonderful, a real treat, check it out!
  9. – a lovely travelog.
  10. – great fun – and cartoons too – what’s not to love?

Phew. This is a lot of work!

But – following the “rules” – at the very least has made me recommend blog reading material…. I could go waaaay past ten; I enjoy reading blogs! Spread the love then!

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